Island of Lights

 Pleasure Island, NC

2016 Winners!

Category 3 (Boats 17’ and under)
(no boats registered in this category)

Category 2 (Boats 18’ to 24’)

First Place $300  - Toolin’ Around - Nick Chambliss, “National Lampoon Christmas Cruise”(Boat #4)
Second Place $150  - Big Red – The Island Men/Lynn Halterman, “The ‘Bear’ Necessities”(Boat #5)

Other boats participating:
Okey Dokey - Rob Turnage, “Christmas Holiday with Lights and Music”(Boat #1)
Wait For It - The Island Men/Ken Vair, (no theme information provided) (Boat #2)
Aquavit - Doug Hendricksen, “Penguin’s Christmas” (Boat # 7)
(no vessel name provided) - Al Lombardi, “Santa at Bass Pro Shop” (Boat #8)

Category 1 (Boats 25’ and larger)

First Place $300  -  Stress Relief - Billy McGrew, “Peace”ful Holidays (Boat #11)
Second Place $150  - TIE  -  Fish Dance - Capt. Tyler / Keith Green, “Merry Christmas” (Boat #3)
AND  Fish Witch II - Carl Snow, (no theme information provided) (Boat #6)

Other boats participating:
Fish Dance II - Keith Green, “Santa’s Little Helpers” (Boat #9)
SS Fish Witch – Shane Snow, “Christmas Lights” (Boat #12)

Best Overall (highest score of all boats entered)

$400 Prize  -  Wake Zone - Tim Morrison, “Train” (Boat #10)

Fishing boats and pleasure craft electrically decorated with thousands of lights present a spectacular display on the Intracoastal Waterway. They cruise form Snows Cut to the Carolina Beach Boat Basin and back. The boats compete for prizes and add to the wonderful holiday spirit.

The flotilla always takes place on the second Saturday after Thanksgiving and begins at 6 PM. A panel of judges will be on hand to choose the winners. Bring the family and enjoy the evening at Carolina Beach.

For an application to enter a boat in the Flotilla go to the Checkered Church at 800 St. Joseph St, Carolina Beach or click here for a printable application. Questions? Call 910-386-8081.

Photo Gallery: Christmas Flotilla

2017 Christmas Flotilla - Saturday, December 2nd

6:00 Pm Carolina beach boat basin